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Voice of HR has asked a number of industry contributors to take a critical look at SHRM and offer their advice for 2011. This is my response and a republication of what was posted on the Voice of HR blog. Many look at SHRM as an influential and extremely valuable organization that commands tremendous power and respect. Others see a highly bureaucratic and largely tactical entity that is increasingly irrelevant to the modern HR...

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Employing America’s Heroes

Posted By on Jul 8, 2010

Emily King gave me an embarrassed grin as she struggled not to cry. “I always choke up when I tell this story”, she said sheepishly. I smiled broadly and encouraged her to go on. She did, and thus began the first of many lessons she’d share with me that afternoon. In her own words: “After checking into [my] hotel, I proceeded to the wrong bank of elevators and rode it for awhile before realizing my mistake and...

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Well, it’s hard to believe that another SHRM Annual Conference has come and gone. And like last year’s event, we witnessed some of the same challenges and opportunities. But before I offer my thoughts on this year’s gala, let me suggest a few of the wonderful bloggers who provided fantastic coverage of SHRM 2010: Charlie Judy offered terrific coverage, including, What (the ‘f) were you thinking? A new calling...

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Posted By on Jun 18, 2010

I believe I have a different perspective than most consultants insofar as HR outsourcing is concerned. This market has matured to the point where HR buyers should be self-sufficient and fully knowledgeable in sourcing transactions. Yes, there are a few very strategic moments where getting an independent shot in the arm can be helpful, but short of that I’d like to see HR leaders adopt a “do-it-yourself” attitude on complex...

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Quotes from The Crossroads

Posted By on Nov 12, 2008

My day has consisted of endless conversations with those who are at a crossroads. For some it was an unexpected pink slip upon return from a long weekend. For others it’s the heart wrenching decision to lay off staff in order to keep their business alive. And for others it’s a question of whether they raid the college fund in order to pay their mortgage and grocery bills. Let’s face it folks – times are tough,...

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