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HR Tech 2012 – Community Matters

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My childhood subdivision was a place so thoroughly explored that neither a downed tree nor tattered moving truck escaped our notice. The comings and goings, although never intentionally tracked, were indexed and cataloged each and every day. We were explorers seeking to discover new adventures by simply applying our own unique point of view to the situation at hand. In that everything was known, everything was unknown, a wide-eyed sense of surprise triggered by the dropping of a backpack on the porch, the embodiment of latchkey freedom. In...

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HR Tech 2012 (Day 0) – It’s A Marathon

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This (chilly) morning began with over 45,000 participants toeing the start line for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Elsewhere across the nation, approximately one-tenth that number of HR industry professionals continued their preparations for the market’s preeminent event for getting business done, the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition. As I watched the elite runners captivate 1.7 million spectators across this great city, I couldn’t help but wonder what lessons they could bring to those about to endeavor...

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7 Steps to Surviving HR Vendor Consolidation

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On August 27th it was the 8,900 clients of Kenexa. For the 350 clients of Sonar6, it happened on March 8th. For the 5,000 clients of Taleo, the date was February 9th. Hundreds of Rypple clients awoke to the news on December 15th and SuccessFactors’ 3,500 clients learned of it on December 3rd. And despite the sizable number, the 18,000+ combined clients of these firms are but a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of organizations that the acquiring entities (IBM, Cornerstone OnDemand, Oracle, and SAP, respectively)...

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My SLAs Are Green But My Mood Is Red!

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For our loyal readers, please welcome IA’s own Chris Connolly to the blogosphere. In his inaugural piece, Chris asks, “Does your SLA dashboard accurately reflect the true condition of your provider relationship?” A recent flurry of client-provider satisfaction challenges has me plowing through Service Level Agreements (SLA), Critical Performance Indicators (CPIs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the other contracted metrics in order to try and uncover likely causes of the clients’ expressed pain. As I have seen before,...

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Why Service Provider Relationships Fail (And What You Can Do About It)

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Three days ago I was sitting in a quiet coffee shop when I overheard an all too familiar conversation. Not recognizing or caring that he was in a public space, the gentleman at the table behind me cursed loudly before picking up his cell phone. From his side of the call I could tell that his client was irate, the repeat of “Yes, I understand” and “I’m so sorry” cycling every minute with an increasingly exasperated tone. When the call ended ten minutes later, his deflated-balloon sigh pushed frustrated carbon...

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